Growing and storing grains are fundamental activities for humankind

Since centuries, mastering grain storage is essential in the socities organisation, as it contribute to first order human activities:
-  Feeding (short and medium term storage),

-  Agriculture (seeds integrity for the future crops),
-  Trading (strategic stocks and international trade).

For more than 40years, LAW dryers are committed in these processes.


GRAIN DRYERS - 75 to 6000 T/24h Wheat - 25 to 2500 T/24h Corn     OVER 6000 INSTALLATIONS WORLDWIDE
    Energy-efficient drying thanks to the air recycling.
    Multi-fuel (fuel oil, gas, steam, coal, biomass heater, etc.)
    Low power consumption.
    Insulated heating compartments and recycled air circuit.
    Proven technology with more uniform drying.
    Easy to maintain.
    Optional built-in pre-cleaner.
    Thanks to operational safety features such as the automatic monitoring equipment built into
    the dryer control unit, measurement of air temperatures after drying, and the optional dry
    standpipe and automatic sprinkler system, it is possible to dry difficult products such as rape
    (by a special program) and seeds.
    Automatic control system, PC for monitoring and remote control via internet.
    Self-cleaning thanks to patented extraction units for minimizing the risks of dirt build-up.
    Very low dust emissions thanks to the dust flaps and filter system.
    Noise levels reduced by mounting motors and fans inside the dryer and optional sound filters.
    Use of standard parts ensures modularity and versatility and allows for future expansion.
    Pre-coated galvanized sheets and optional complete cladding
    in colors requested by the customer or best-suited for the specific environment)
    ensure high resistance to weather damage and internal rusting.
    Customer service centers already set up in numerous countries
    and ready to respond anywhere in the world.
Séchoir LAW SBC N

   Industrial continuous LAW grain dryer SBC7N

   Standard drying sections



Séchoir LAW SBC4
Séchoir LAW SBC L

   Industrial continuous LAW grain dryer SBCL

   Large drying sections



Séchoir LAW SBC13 L
Séchoir LAW SBC NE

   Industrial continuous LAW grain dryer SBC NE

   Standard drying sections

   With energy saving



Séchoir LAW SBC12 NE
Séchoir LAW SBC LE

   Industrial continuous LAW grain dryer SBC LE

   Large drying sections

   With energy saving



Séchoir LAW SBC25 LE
Séchoir LAW SRI auto

   Industrial batch grain dryer SRI

   Standard drying sections



Séchoir LAW SRI174 gaz
Séchoir LAW SR sa

   Farm batch grain dryer SR sa

   Standard drying sections








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